Pápai Víz- és Csatornamű ZRt. is responsible for providing potable water supply and cleaning sewage water in Pápa and its environs.

Here are the most important things you should know about our services:


Conditions for the provision of potable water supply, irrigation water supply and sewage disposal services are laid down in a contract concluded between Supplier and Consumer in accordance with the applicable statutory provisions.

The contract is concluded at the Waterworks Customer Service Centre; the owner who turns over the real estate pays the water supply and sewer usage charges up to the meter readings read at the time of such turn-over, and the new Consumer signs a new contract.

The various types of water supply contract are:

Individual meter                                               Submeter                                              Irrigation submeter

inside manhole                                      inside the home                                     inside manhole

- property of the Waterworks                 - property of the consumer                    - property of the consumer

- no basic fee applies

Consumer is responsible for protecting the water meter against frost and keeping the water meter manhole accessible and clean.


At the Pápa Waterworks, invoicing of water supply charges is based on invoicing for average consumption. An invoice based on average consumption is issued every two months. Monthly average consumption in terms of m3 is calculated by the invoicing software on the basis of the previous year’s actual consumption. The rate of average consumption in terms of m3 may be amended in justified cases, on individual application.

It is also possible to pay water supply charges on the basis of actual meter readings. In this case, Consumer needs to notify the Waterworks Customer Service Centre of the actual meter reading between the 20th and 25th of every even month.

(By telephone: 89 / 510-630; by e-mail:; or in person: Pápa, Vízmû u. 2.)

Annual final invoice:

Once a year, during October, Supplier reads all water meters. In the invoice issued in October, the closing water meter reading will be the same as the actual value read.

If Consumer’s actual water consumption

-    was higher than the average consumption (in m3) invoiced, Consumer will pay a higher amount when annual final accounts are made (in the invoice for October)

-    was lower than the average consumption (in m3) invoiced, Consumer will pay a smaller amount when annual final accounts are made (in the invoice for October)

(The meter readings shown on the invoices for average consumption and on the annual final invoices will always increase by the quantity of m3 invoiced; therefore no separate annual accounts are needed and such are not made either.)

Replacing water meters:

Individual water meters are replaced every 4 years by the Waterworks.

Submeters shall be replaced by Consumer.

Irrigation submeters shall be replaced by Consumer.

Helpdesk and notices:

The Waterworks shall be responsible for maintenance and repair of the connection pipe supplying the real estate, up to the water meter in the case of potable water supply and up to the property’s boundary in the case of sewer usage. Consumer shall have any failures occuring within the real estate repaired by a specialist company.

Any failures on pipes maintained by the Waterworks should be reported by calling  89 / 313-455.

Our Customer Service is available to Consumers for all inquiries and matters related to services:

-    by telephone: 89 / 313-455

-    in person at Pápa, Vízmű u. 2., Mondays through Wednesdays 8:00 – 12:00, Thursdays 8:00 – 20:00



b.) In case of failure of the domestic drinking water network

If the User detects a water flow on the domestic drinking water network:


  1. a) immediately after the detection - before troubleshooting – the failure has to be reported to the Service Provider (telephone, e-mail, fax, letter)
  2. b) the Service Provider goes out to the address within 24 hours and draws up minutes on the spot (Form No. 25 of the “Protocol on Water Flow”)
  3. c) the User is obliged to start troubleshooting immediately after the on-site visit (with own work or with the involvement of a specialist). It is the User's responsibility to repair the water network after the meter. Within 3 working days after the troubleshooting User will send the form entitled “Certificate of Pipe Breakage, Troubleshooting” (Form 26) to the Service Provider.
  4. d) in case of accidental failures, the Service Provider invoices the average quantity at full price, the water runoff at producer price without sewerage fee. The User deserves this discount if:

-the measures are in accordance with point a;c,


-the User did not receive a similar discount within 3 years. In the event that the Service Provider's pipeline section (from the water meter to the street) is faulty, the Waterworks will rectify the fault, in which case the User will not be charged.

Thank you in advance for your kind cooperation.

Pápai Vízmű ZRt.

Pápa Water supply and Sewage Plc.
2 Vízmű street


Dear our Consumer,

We would like to inform You, that one specialist of our company is going to visit You due to change your watermetre, according to the Measuring Laws. There is going to be built in a new watermetre in your place.

Our specialist is equipped with a certificate with a photograph of him, and he is responsible to show it on your request.

The numbers can be seen either on the old or the new watermetre devices (in m3-- cubicmetres), PLEASE CONTROL and COMPARE with the written numbers (in m3) of the documentation form line 6 and line 10. If they are correct, - only that case - PLEASE sign up the paper form.

One copy of the the documentation of the changing the watermetre, is going to be sent by local post office to the owner of the consumer place.

Sorry for disturbing and thank you for your kindly co-operation in advance!

Pápa Water supply and Sewage Plc.


Individual Water Meter

Irrigation Water Submeter


Annual water meter control

Do not put to the drainige pipe